Patricia Soranno

Professor, Michigan State University

Patricia Soranno's CV

I am a landscape limnologist, that is, a freshwater scientist who studies the multi-scaled spatial and temporal drivers of aquatic chemistry and biology.

I am also a macrosystems ecologist and I conduct research to develop concepts, approaches, and datasets needed to foster the development of data-intensive approaches in ecology.

All of my research is collaborative. I am co-director, with Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, of the Landscape Limnology Research Group, in which several projects are ongoing. In addition, I am PI for the NSF-Macrosystems Biology project, CSI-Limnology. Click below for more information on these two efforts.



Special issue in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment on Macrosystems Ecology!

Press releases about Special issue in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment


CSI-Limnology blog

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Media Coverage of work

Radio interview: Current State, with Mark Bashore, February 13, 2014

MSU press release, February 5, 2014. New scientific field looks at the big picture.

The press release was picked up by numerous media outlets.


MSU press release, February 5, 2014. Research: it’s more than just the science.


NSF press release, February 3, 2014. Data-intensive ecology needed to understand what makes the biosphere tick.


Video describing works, February 3, 2014. Pioneering a new field: Macrosystems ecology.


MSU press release, August 23, 2013. Why should we be alarmed about water?


Article in MSU AgBioResearch Futures Magazine on the MSU Global Water Initiative: Looking at the big water picture. Spring/Summer 2012.


Radio interview: Greening of the Great Lakes Program, with Kirk Heinze. January 5, 2012.


Article in MSU Alumni Magazine, Around Circle Drive: Pioneering Water Systems Research. Fall 2011.


MSU press release, August 9, 2011. MSU professor launches new field of water research. The press release was picked up by the Associated Press, and either written about or posted on 8 newspapers and 16 science and news websites.


Radio interview (along with K.S. Cheruvelil) on Impact Exposure Program, MSU Student radio 88.9 FM. August 23, 2011.


MSU Press release. Research makes lake and stream conservation more effective. This publication was featured in the editorial in the same issue of the journal it was published, Sustainability for Here and Now, by T. M. Beardsley, Editor in Chief. The press release was written about in 4 newspapers and newsletters, and the press release was posted on 41 additional news and science websites. June 2, 2010.


Press release by American Society of Agronomy to announce teaching publication. Building a better student discussion. The publication was selected as a ‘Research Highlight’ on the ASA-CSSA-SSSA website, and the press release was posted on 18 additional news, agriculture, and science websites.  May 12, 2010.


Contact information

Patricia A. Soranno

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Natural Resources Building, Rm 13

480 Wilson Road

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824

Office: 9B Natural Resources Building

Office: 517-432-4330
Lab: 517-353-3234
Fax: 517-432-1699

Twitter: @PASmsu2

Michigan State University