Mary Bremigan, Ph.D.

Mary Bremigan

Associate Professor

13A Natural Resources


Area of Expertise: Fisheries management; aquatic communities and food web dynamics; fish recruitment

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Ph.D., Department of Zoology, Ohio State University, 1997 
M.S., Department of Zoology, Ohio State Univeristy, 1992
B.S., Department of Biology, University of Notre Dame, 1988


My position at Michigan State University is funded, in part, through the Fisheries Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). MDNR, together with several other management agencies and Michigan State University, form PERM, the Partnership for Ecosystem Research and Management. Through my PERM activities, I have participated in several Fisheries Division endavors, including: In 1997-1998, I was a member of Fisheries Division’s “Watershed Approach to Re-engineering Team”. Our group was charged with developing a gameplan by which Fisheries Division could adopt a watershed approach to fisheries management. In 1998-1999, I chaired a committee charged with reviewing and updating the fishing regulations for trout and salmon in inland waters of Michigan. This committee generated a classificaiton system for regulations that took effect in spring 2000. I continue to be a member of the Reseaerch Inventory and Planning committee. This committee is working to standardize Fisheries Division’s assessment activities in inland lakes and streams. 

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Fisheries Management, FW 479
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Advanced Fisheries Ecology and Foodweb Management, FW 874
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General Ecology, Zol 355
Zol 355 Syllabus 
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