Gary Roloff, Ph.D.

Gary Roloff

Associate Professor

38 Natural Resources


Area of Expertise: Effects of natural and human disturbances on wildlife and biodiversity



  1. Michigan Department of Natural Resources-Wildlife Division, 2014.  Quantifying feral swine ecology and potential disease transmission in Michigan to inform effective control, $541,629 (Gary J. Roloff, R. A. Montgomery, K. M. Hollis, K. VerCauteren, P. Butchko, and G. Peter).
  2. Michigan Department of Natural Resources-Wildlife Division, 2014.  Monitoring mast occurrence and production using citizen scientists to inform wildlife management in Michigan, $123,763 (Gary J. Roloff, H. Campa III, S. Winterstein).
  3. United States Fish and Wildlife Service, 2011.  Distribution and abundance of breeding birds in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region as influenced by climate and land cover change, $176,575 (Gary J. Roloff, Daniel V. Linden).
  4. Michigan Department of Natural Resources-Wildlife Division, 2011.  Factors influencing snowshoe hare occupancy and abundance, $295,061 (Gary J. Roloff, Henry Campa, III).
  5. Michigan Department of Natural Resources-Wildlife Division, 2008.  Effectiveness of residual structure retention in clearcut harvest units for conserving biodiversity and wildlife habitat, $505,152 (Gary J. Roloff).
  6. National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, 2006.  The role of retained structures for conserving wildlife habitat and biodiversity in managed forests, $425,512 (Gary J. Roloff).
  7. Oregon State University, 2005.  Southwest Oregon risk demonstration project, $107,500 (Gary J. Roloff, Jeff Barry, Steven P. Mealey).
  8. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division, and U. S. Forest Service, 2003.  Historical and potential habitat suitability of Michigan’s upper peninsula for the Canada lynx, $51,845 (Henry Campa III, Kelly F, Millenbah, Dean Beyer, and Gary J. Roloff).

Other awards (<$50,000):

  1. National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, 2011.  Forest management and western gray squirrels, $30,000 (Gary J. Roloff).
  2. Berryman Institute, 2010.  Developing and implementing effective black bear exclusion devices to protect apiaries, $30,150 (Gary J. Roloff, Jordan Pusateri-Burroughs, Dwayne Etter).
  3. Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, Project GREEEN, 2006.  The reconciliation of the Endangered Species Act and Michigan agricultural interests, $35,000 (Kelly F. Millenbah, Mark E. Whalon, Larry G. Olsen, and Gary J. Roloff)
  4. Fort Custer Training Center, U.S. Department of Defense, 2005.  A raptor inventory of the Fort Custer Training Center, Augusta, Michigan, $22,330 (Gary J. Roloff).
  5. BASF Corporation, 2002.  Small mammal and herpetofauna assemblages at Point Hennepin, BASF Corporation, $38,460 (Kelly F. Millenbah and Gary J. Roloff).